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Juan Francisco Ortiz portrait

Juan Francisco Ortiz

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Juan Francisco Ortiz joined Northern Trust in 2015 with a wide range of banking experience. As the senior vice president of the Banking Practice in Wealth Management, Juan oversees a banking services team as well as the National Mortgage Center (NMC).


What unique traits do you bring to your role?

I've been in banking for about 19 years. I’ve been a personal banker, a front-line lender, and commercial real estate lender. Whether it's individual goals or managing different teams, I can bring many viewpoints. It gives me a unique edge. 

What are you most proud of in your career at Northern Trust so far?

Leading the Latin Heritage Resource Council (LHRC), an employee-led resource group, helping evolve it to where it is today, and handing the baton off to other great leaders. It’s expanded from being Chicago-centric to having board members across different U.S. states, and we also have expanded our connectivity to the LHRC group in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). 

I was also nominated and served as a co-chair for our Achieving Greater Together campaign. It’s our big campaign promoting volunteerism that we do in October. It gave me the opportunity to work with partners globally who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I also had the opportunity to volunteer at Catholic Charities along with our CEO Mike O’Grady—that was pretty cool.

What did you gain from the experience of leading a Business Resource Council (BRC)?

Not every organization has Business Resource Councils, and ours allow you to meet colleagues globally and share commonalities regardless of your role in the organization. 

I’m still on the board for the Latin Heritage Resource Council; it offers opportunities for community service and professional development outside of my day-to-day work.  Whether it was introductions to other key partners, taking on stretch assignments or simply taking the time to discuss my career path, this has been instrumental for me in my journey.

When do you feel most empowered at work?

I’ve always liked coaching, even as a younger manager early in my career. I love learning, empowering others, sharing ideas and learning from others’ knowledge. So, I hold regular coaching sessions. I want employees to have an open-door policy to schedule one-on-ones and talk about how they’re progressing, what they can do, and how we can help.

What qualities make a good manager?

You have to be a good listener. Know that you’re going to only be as good and as successful as the people around you. Make sure that knowledge is shared, and that tools and ways of working smarter are available to employees.

What sets Northern Trust apart from other companies?

The openness of our colleagues from our senior executives on down wanting to connect with employees across all segments. Usually, if you're good at what you do in one segment no one wants you to leave. That’s a positive cultural change here. It’s probably why you see partners who have been here 25 or 30 years, yet they’ve had eight different roles across different departments.

What advice would you give to people exploring a career at Northern Trust?

Be open-minded and proactive. Find opportunities to highlight your leadership skills. 



Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 
Current location: Oak Park, Illinois 
Time at Northern Trust: 7 years 
Favorite sports team: The Chicago Cubs and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini 
Favorite food: Pork tamales—especially at Christmas
Hobby: Watching my two daughters play softball and some boxing  
Currently watching: Ozark—my wife and I finally watched the first two seasons 
Cause you are passionate about: Cradles to Crayons—they package quality clothes and school supplies for underprivileged youth. I also serve on the boards of the National Museum of Mexican Art and Allies for Community Business. 
Describe Northern Trust, your career, and your team in one word: Northern Trust is inclusive. I am engaged. My team is transformational.