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Diversified Strategists Portfolios

Target Risk Portfolios Engineered to Perform

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Matching investor objectives with appropriate risk for better returns over time.

Diversified Strategist Portfolios (DSP) offer scalable, turnkey managed account solutions to help financial advisors grow their practices and efficiently meet their clients’ goals. DSP features five globally diversified, professionally managed investment portfolios designed to provide risk-efficient solutions for a range of investor objectives from income to maximum growth.

Northern Trust’s time-tested strategic asset allocation approach provides a globally diversified base allocation for each Diversified Strategist Portfolio. Tactical asset allocation shifts are executed periodically, in an effort to participate in up markets and minimize the effects of market downturns. Finally, the investment strategies implemented at the asset class level are designed to provide exposures to risk factors that have shown persistent return premiums over time.

Portfolio Solutions for Multiple Investment Objectives

The portfolios invest in cost-efficient FlexShares ETFs and Northern Funds and are available in tax-sensitive and standard portfolio implementation options.


To make sure our investors receive the greatest possible compensation for the risks they take, we:

  • Employ a “forward-looking, historically aware” approach informed by extensive research
  • Use targeted exposure ETFs to keep risks and costs down while maintaining efficiency
  • Incorporate six key factors-quality, value, volatility, yield, size and momentum-to drive better potential outcomes
  • Optimize with real assets and TIPS to enhance stability and manage inflation risk
  • Take advantage of tactical opportunities when markets misprice assets



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