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Design a DC Plan for Tomorrow’s Participants

More than ever, participants are looking to plan sponsors for investment expertise. We can help you design and deliver investment solutions to improve your participants’ retirement outcomes.

As one of the largest managers of defined contribution (DC) assets, our team has deep expertise in developing innovative answers to challenges faced by DC Plan Sponsors. We take a consultative approach to addressing the needs of plan sponsors and their participants while offering a suite of solutions aimed at improving retirement outcomes.

Key Facts

$187 BDefined contribution assets under management*

18+Years of experience

6thLargest 401(k) manager**


Our Solutions

Northern Trust Investment ManagementPDF Download

Learn more about how we can help drive better retirement outcomes.

Northern Trust Investment ManagementPDF Download

Our DC analytics package can help identify the retirement liability and measure how well the target date fund is meeting the liability.

Offer your participants an all-in-one investment solution that focuses on seeking growth while managing various risks facing them as they invest for retirement.
Current insights focused on how to improve retirement outcomes for your participants.

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*Defined contribution assets under management as of March 31, 2019.
**Pensions and Investments as of August 21, 2017. The above rankings are not indicative of future performance. Unless otherwise noted, rankings are based on Pensions & Investments magazine’s 2017 Special Report on DC Money Managers.