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Asset Servicing Expert

Justin Chapman

Global Executive, Securities Services - Global Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research

Justin Chapman is the Global Executive in charge of Securities Services where he is responsible for strategy and profitability. Justin is also the Global Head of the Market Advocacy & Innovation Research organization which coordinates Northern Trust's key industry associations and regulatory engagements whilst researching and framing new market and technology innovations to drive profitable business growth and operational efficiencies. 

Justin has a diverse background covering the following roles: Equity Trading, Head of Trade Architecture, Global Head of Strategic Implementation, Global Head of Change Management, Global Head of Fixed Income Operations, Global Head of Tax Operations, Head of Industry Marketing, Head of Product Development and Sales, Head of Operations Asset Servicing.

Justin has worked for organisations in the Investment Banking, Asset Management, Custodial, Consultancy and Vendor space. 

In recognition of his leadership in both the areas of regulatory advocacy and driving innovation across the industries, Justin was recognized at the Global Custodian awards as the GC Person of the Year 2017 and inducted into the GC Legends hall of fame in 2019. He represents the securities industry as Vice Chairman at Association for Financial Markets in Europe’s (AFME) Post Trade Division Board as vice chairman, Member of the AFME Ops and Tech Board, Future Technologies group as chairman and is an advisor to the International Securities Services Association's (ISSA). 

He has previously held the following industry positions: chairman of International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communication (ISITC) Europe, also as founder and chairman of the SWIFT International Securities Advisory Group.


Justin's Insights & Research

Eine Welt, in der Fondsmanager und Besitzer von Vermögenswerten in Echtzeit auf Daten zugreifen und daraus nützliche Erkenntnisse gewinnen können – wo immer sie sich befinden und wie immer sie möchten – mag heute noch etwas fern erscheinen, aber sie ist näher, als man vielleicht denkt.

Whether through more efficient trades with less friction, or creating an auditable digital register where none existed, technology is filling the value gaps in the investment world.

In the first of our Innovation in Action video series, Northern Trust's Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research, Justin Chapman, charts how the securities environment is changing and explores the significant opportunities that digitisation brings.