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Asset Servicing Expert

Christopher Dvorak

Head of Insurance Solutions

As the Head of Insurance Solutions, Chris leads all aspects of Northern Trust’s relationships with insurance companies, including their insurance asset bases, as well as their defined benefit and defined contribution plans. 

Before assuming this role, Chris served as the Global Head of Relationship Management for Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services (HFS). Chris was primarily responsible for overseeing all relationship management and client service activity for HFS, providing oversight for the relationship management staff and serving in a consultative/advocacy role to evaluate, strengthen, and grow client relationships. 

Chris brings a substantial base of operations and investment expertise to his work. He was part of HFS’ senior leadership from its establishment in 2007. Chris initially served as a Vice President responsible for overseeing Fixed Income Operations before becoming Head of Relationship Management in 2009. Before the establishment of HFS (via the acquisition of the Omnium platform from Citadel), Chris worked for Citadel as Vice President of Global Fixed Income for four years.


Chris's Insights & Research

As insurers plan out digital transformation initiatives, they shouldn’t overlook their own asset management operations.

Deploying new fintech solutions can be daunting, but the right partner offers insurers decreased risk and a streamlined process.

From increased liquidity demands to effective communication while working from home, investment professionals at insurance companies are finding answers in partnerships.

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With the right CFO outsourcing partner, insurers can take their business to the next level without the cost and maintenance of infrastructure that is not core to their business.