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Read the 2022 Executive Summary to gain insight on key financial drivers of family offices and the relationship between financial performance and operational strategy.

GFO's Head of Client Development for the APAC region, Scott Charlton, sat down with Jane Flanagan to share the top priorities of families and family offices in the region.

As part of our GFO Pulse Q&A series, Jane Flanagan, Director of Family Office Advisory, sat down with Trish Halper, GFO Investment Practice Lead, to discuss the investment opportunities that GFO clients are considering in the midst of continued volatility.

Why Us

For over 40 years, our dedicated Global Family and Private Investment Office Services (GFO) group has been serving the needs of family offices, family foundations, high-net-worth individuals, private trust companies and private investment companies around the world.

40 years celebrating Global Family Office



500+Family Relationships


265+Dedicated Professionals

120+Billionaire Families

$1,000MAverage Client Size



Structured solutions to address your unique financing needs.

We offer unique opportunities for family offices and advisors to hear from leading experts and share best practices.

Read the 2022 Executive Summary to gain insight on key financial drivers of family offices and the relationship between financial performance and operational strategy.



Led by Dave Fox, our team of experienced executives is prepared to deliver results for your family office.

We foster long-term relationships by offering an unparalleled combination of service, expertise and capabilities tailored to the needs of our clients.

Trends and observations from global family office experts.


Contact Us

Let us help you meet the complex financial needs of your family office.

Family Office Technology Solutions

As one of the largest providers of performance and risk measurement services worldwide, we have a full suite of technology and reporting tools to meet various client needs. Many of our technology solutions are wholly proprietary to Northern Trust.

Wealth Passport®

Exclusive to Northern Trust, this integrated technology platform provides comprehensive asset pricing and aggregation through in-depth reports and other services in order to create a complete picture of a family’s net worth for family members and their advisors. Some of the information and tools available include a net worth summary, partnership reporting, cash forecasting, and more. 

Partnership Accounting and General Ledger

We can help address the complexities of investment partnerships by providing automated allocation services and significantly streamlining accounting processes and improving reporting accuracy, timeliness and flexibility. 

Anchor Analytics

Anchor Analytics possesses powerful reporting and data visualization tools that provide you with the ability to create countless data queries, to easily visualize data through automatic dashboard or chart/graph recommendations, to create and share reports across platforms, and to receive automated alerts on essential portfolio changes. 



Explore our full range of family office technology products and solutions.

Contact Our Family Office Technology Team

Discover how we can work together to optimize your family office's operations and investments through cutting edge technology.

Investment Advisory Management

Our dedicated investment advisory practice identifies market trends and delivers insights designed to achieve optimal outcomes. Our disciplined global investors ascribe to a client-first culture and uncover unique opportunities for our clients.



Key Stats

8-10Client-to-Advisor Ratio







Recent thought leadership focusing on timely investment questions and issues.


Contact Our Investment Advisory and Management Team

Discuss with us how we can work together to grow your family office's investments.


Fiduciary Services

Multigenerational wealth comes with critical estate planning, wealth transfer, reporting and tax challenges that can impact family dynamics. We conscientiously safeguard your family’s unique objectives, while proactively helping meet your family’s future needs.

From fully discretionary or directed trustee services to serving private trust companies, your common trust advisor works with you to assist with the following services:

Trust Administration
Receive comprehensive reporting and sophisticated technology to support the structure, scale and complexity of your trustee relationship.

Distribution Discretion
Where appropriate, we can provide objectivity to help align family expectations with the settlor’s expressed intent and provide discretion in trust distribution decisions.

Investment Management and Discretion
Custom portfolio construction and fulfillment through Northern Trust’s industry-leading institutional, multi-manager solutions. We can also help manage the financial benefits of complex investments like real estate; commercial property; and oil, gas and mineral rights.

Advisory Services
Expert advice from across our wealth management business for multi-generational families, private investment and trust companies, foundations and family office professionals.


Contact Our Fiduciary Services Team

Find out how our fiduciary services team can help protect wealth for future generations.


Global Asset Servicing

We can provide record-keeping solutions to enhance efficiency and transparency for family members. Our emphasis on asset safekeeping, automation, straight-through processing, accuracy and timeliness can reduce risk and operational costs.


  • Accounting and tax reporting. Facilitate the preparation of tax returns through comprehensive reports of assets, market values and holdings by entity.
  • Performance measurement. Monitor asset performance and its impact on income and taxes to determine whether strategic changes are appropriate.
  • Compliance and risk monitoring. Identify, assess and reduce key regulatory and business risk factors.
  • Transaction and money movement technology. Use a single tool to see all account activity and implement or approve transactions.


Contact Our Global Asset Servicing Team

Learn more about how our team can meet your unique asset servicing needs.

Learn More About Global Family and Private Investment Office Services

Discover our specialized offerings that can help you manage your family office.

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