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Asset Owners Create A More Powerful Voice

While many trends are shaping the future of institutional investing, three key factors have significant implications for asset owners, particularly in the area of data science. For asset owners, three key trends shaping the future are the fact that they are working collectively in greater numbers to leverage change, that they are focusing on how data insights can improve performance, and that they are increasing their focus on core values.

Mark Austin, Head of Northern Trust’s Institutional Investor Group in the UK, Melanie Pickett, Head of Northern Trust’s Institutional Investor Group in the Americas, and Leon Stavrou, Head of Australia and New Zealand, believe that asset owners are taking a more active role in driving positive outcomes for their constituents and at the same time, creating a more powerful voice in the institutional investing industry.


  • Asset owners are becoming more powerful. They are coming together in ways that were not possible before and focusing on the issues that matter to them.
  • Some of the ways that asset owners are coming together is through consolidation and collaboration.
  • ESG has become a vital issue, and asset owners are affecting change and helping build standardisation in ESG measurement.
  • They are shifting into new and more esoteric asset classes, and redefining asset allocation.
  • Asset owners are leveraging data and technology to build insights and level the playing field, engaging with investment managers on their performance.

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Melanie Pickett

Melanie Pickett

Head of Asset Owners, Americas
Mark Austin

Mark Austin

Pensions and Insurance Executive, EMEA
Leon Stavrou

Leon Stavrou

Head of Australia and New Zealand Northern Trust

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