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The yield curve inverting has cast a cloud over investors – but does the immediate forecast hold rain?

Higher interest rates to fight the inflation surge may result in modestly disappointing U.S. economic growth.


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As sustainable investing remains a focus in the market, investors are searching for clarity on investment opportunities and risks arising from various ESG factors. Global Head of Sustainable Investing and Stewardship Julie Moret shares insight on evaluating ESG factors as pre-financial indicators and how they play a role in future-proofing portfolios.

Higher interest rates and weak retail sales spur recession concerns. Purchasing managers’ data may show economic headwinds building.

A strong U.S. Dollar has historically been advantageous for U.S. equity markets.


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Climate risk may impact companies’ financial performance. By assessing the risk as part of their investment process, investors can identify vulnerable companies and the winners of tomorrow.

Investors tuning their portfolios to environmental, social and governance (ESG) values must ensure their investments take ESG seriously. We introduce a way to help separate the real ESG strategies from the posers.


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We are in a new era of extreme volatility that is leaving investors searching for new ways to achieve the same portfolio objectives.

We and other investors signed on for an initiative just a few years ago to encourage climate-friendly corporate policies. It already is making a difference.

Small-cap, dividend and value stocks among other equity styles can come with unwanted baggage, and results, if investors aren’t careful.


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Jim McDonald is an executive vice president and the chief investment strategist for Northern Trust. He is responsible for overseeing the strategic and tactical asset allocation policy for our institutional and wealth management clients globally.

Michael Hunstad is head of quantitative strategies at Northern Trust Asset Management. He serves on the asset management executive group, and leads all equity portfolio management and research for quantitative, index and tax-advantaged strategies.

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