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Election 2016

The Meaning Behind the Results

After a rancorous campaign, Donald Trump (R) surprised conventional wisdom delivering a solid victory over Hillary Clinton (D) in the U.S. presidential election. But what does this mean for investors?

Coming Soon! We’ll break down the results – and the potential implications for U.S. and global investors – in our Special Edition commentaries.

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Bob Browne: The Three Big Events of 2016: Lessons Learned

January 16, 2017

Three big market events from 2016 offer prudent lessons for 2017 and beyond. Find out how they can help us become better investors as a result. Election Results: Expect Growth, With Limits

January 10, 2017

Jim McDonald analyzes 2016 U.S. election impact on this year’s market in ‘Year-End Trends and Outlook’ article.