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Financial Intermediary
Learn about asset management solutions designed for Retirement Plan Advisors, TAMPs/Outsourcing Providers, Subadvisory Program Sponsors, RIAs/Financial Advisors and Trust Institutions.
Learn about asset management solutions including: global index management, active equity and fixed income, target retirement date funds, and manager of manager programs.
Get answers to your investment challenges with asset management capabilities including alternatives, exchange traded funds, fixed income, mutual funds and tax-advantaged equity.
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Asset Management

United States


Working with Northern Trust you get an asset manager who listens first and then provides expertise tailored to the complex challenges you face. You get a level of client dedication and collaboration you can’t find anywhere else. And stability anchored by renowned integrity. All of which is why thoughtful investors worldwide are making Northern Trust their asset manager of choice.

Expertise Matters.
Answers beyond the expected.


Fourth Quarter Earnings

Northern Trust has released our Fourth Quarter 2014 Quarterly Earnings Review.




New & Noteworthy


SEC Money Market Reform: Investor Implications — February 2015

While firms have approximately two years to implement SEC reforms, this commentary outlines what investors should expect heading into and after implementation.

2015 Outlook

Read what our top investment professionals share as their “forward looking, historically aware” forecasts for economic activity and financial market returns.

Engineer equity risk to work in your favor

Engineering Equity
Join more than 1,400 other investors who already are putting our equity research to work in their portfolios. Subscribe now to The Equity Imperative research series.

Combining Risk Factors for Superior Returns

Read our latest paper which provides robust empirical research and analysis to show that  multi-factor intersection portfolios produce superior results.

Insights & Research




Risk Management for Endowed, Perpetual Charitable Entities

Insights into managing investment and distribution policies for multi-generation investment portfolios.

Understanding the Quality Phenomenon [PDF]

In this paper, Mike Hunstad takes a look at the conflicting definitions of quality and compares the volatility and returns.


Market Commentarty

  • Tax-Efficient Wealth Management

    It pays to be tax-efficient while pursuing an optimal investment strategy. Director of Portfolio Research Peter Mladina outlines 5 principles in his recent commentary.
  • December 16, 2014

    2015 Outlook: Watching Our Overweights
    How has the strong dollar impacted Northern Trust’s strategic themes and tactical positioning? Jim McDonald reviews this and other economic and financial market developments affecting fixed income, equities and real assets as we head into 2015.

U.S. Economic Outlook


Economic Commentary

  • February 27, 2015

    • The U.S. Housing Industry Continues to Struggle
    • The “Millennials” Hold the Key to Housing
    • Is Another Bubble Forming in U.S. Commercial Real Estate?

Integrated Solutions


Designed For You


Multimedia Center


Eyes on the investment horizon – Five factors to consider

February 23, 2015 - Wayne Bowers
Short term volatility can alter the investment horizon for some. Our Chief Investment Officer for EMEA & APAC, Wayne Bowers, states his five factors to consider in times of volatility.

Wayne Bowers on Bloomberg TV Europe ‘On the Move’

Wayne Bowers on Bloomberg TV Europe ‘On the Move’

February 12, 2015 – Jonathan Ferro discusses the present investment horizon for global investors in light of further European political volatility, with CIO, Asset Management, EMEA & APAC, Wayne Bowers. [2.55]


American Consumers: driving the world economy

February 11, 2015 – Carl TannenbaumThe View from Here
  • Does the world economy depend on American consumer spending?
  • Are U.S. households well-positioned to continue spending?
  • Are consumers taking on debt to keep up their spending?
  • Are there issues on the horizon that could limit consumer spending?