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Wealth Management

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Stay informed of evolving tax policy proposals and how you can prepare for potential changes.
Learn how to navigate perceived obstacles and align your portfolio with your values.

We recognize that increasingly complex and significant financial decisions magnify your need for quality advice. Unlike many wealth management firms that focus primarily on investing, Northern Trust offers integrated wealth management strategies that address your entire financial plan, including personal investment management, banking, wealth transfer, insurance, tax management, philanthropy, family communication and more.  Our dedicated team of wealth management advisors will create a dynamic road map aligned to your unique priorities and future goals.

Uniquely Positioned to Serve You

  • We serve 25% of the Forbes 400 Wealthiest Americans
  • Drawing from more than 130+ years of experience advising wealthy families

We believe your own knowledge is critical to helping you take action when you need to make decisions. We build this understanding through a dynamic and transparent framework that includes: aligning your assets and goals, exploring different scenarios to help you make informed decisions, developing custom strategies to optimize your plan and adapting your plan to changing conditions. Our clients have found this an eye-opening experience, understanding often how they are positioned to fund their goals.

A Coordinated Team of Trusted Advisors

We know mistakes can happen when your decisions are not coordinated and your advisors are not working together. To solve this issue, we offer both breadth and depth of experience as well as diligent coordination across all areas of your plan.

We bring together a team of multidisciplinary experts across all aspects of your financial plan to create a personalized framework where every asset is advancing your specific goals.

As a part of our commitment to offering clients holistic advice, our dedicated team of experts collaborates on various wealth publications focused on delivering insights curated around important points in your life. These insights are designed to help position you to achieve optimal outcomes with your wealth.


Timely Insights

Stay up-to-date on recent market developments, the global economy and fiscal policy with Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Katie Nixon.

Stay informed about ongoing developments impacting wealth management.

Discover the latest insights from our team of wealth management experts, including our quarterly market commentaries.

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