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Information and Data Security

Contact Cyber Security

Reach out to us to provide feedback or with any questions you may have about Cyber Security at Northern Trust.

Stay Vigilant for Scams

Awareness is the best protection against phone and online scams targeting your information, assets and devices.

Whitelisting Northern Trust

We ask that you add us to your trusted list of senders, contacts or address book, also known as "whitelisting." Simply follow these instructions to ensure Northern Trust Emails get to your inbox.

At Northern Trust, we work 24/7 to keep your information secure.

Your data is Important! Therefore, protecting your information from unauthorized access and accidental disclosure is a top priority. Northern Trust pursues information security with the same commitment to excellence that we apply to understanding our clients’ financial needs.

Your Personal Information

At Northern Trust, we work hard to keep your information secure. Behind the scenes, we’re taking extensive steps to protect your information and your accounts - maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that meet or exceed federal standards. We adhere to strict institutional policies and procedures that limit the access to your personal information to those providing services on your behalf.

While no company is immune from cybercrime, we employ fraud detection and mitigation techniques to reduce the risks of such crime. Of course, we understand that the protection of your sensitive information does not start and stop with Northern Trust. Clients play a critical role in the protection of on-line accounts –- from protecting your passwords to keeping your computers patched and updated. Security, of your accounts and your information, is a partnership.

Take steps to protect yourself from potential threats:

  • Northern Trust will never contact you and ask for your User ID, PIN, Password or authorization codes.
  • Never provide information to an unsolicited contact.
  • Use caution and make sure that you know the recipient when sending money via wire or Zelle®.
  • For your security, always log out when you have completed your online financial activities.

Contact Northern Trust immediately if something seems suspicious or makes you uncomfortable. To learn more, visit the Personal or Business Security Center pages above.

Staying One Step Ahead


How Northern Trust Protects Your Data

We work hard to protect your information. This includes utilizing a variety of technical and procedural controls to mitigate existing technology risks and proactively address emerging threats. Key technology controls are identified, prioritized, monitored and tested to help configure our networks and applications.

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