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Global Family and Private Investment Office Services

Global Asset Servicing

Wealth Passport
Wealth Passport is a secure, efficient and interactive means of managing family banking and communication.

Reduce risk, increase transparency

Reporting demands escalate as your office evolves. Having worked with family offices of all sizes, our Global Family & Private Investment Offices (GFO) group can provide recordkeeping solutions right-sized to enhance efficiency and transparency for family members. Our emphasis on asset safekeeping, automation, straight-through processing, accuracy and timeliness can reduce risk along with operational costs.

Combine family assets on a single, integrated operating and reporting platform

Eliminate the need for multiple systems across entities and asset types. Cost-effectively integrate reporting and technology solutions through GFO’s global operating platform.  

  • Accounting and tax reporting. Receive reports of assets, market values and holdings by entity to facilitate the preparation of tax returns.
  • Performance measurement. Monitor asset performance and its impact on income and taxes to determine if strategic changes may be appropriate.
  • Compliance and risk monitoring. Identify, assess and reduce key regulatory and business risk factors.
  • Transaction and money movement tool. Use a single tool to see all account activity and implement or approve transactions.


By reviewing the options, family offices can determine which solution is best for their particular situation.

David C. Albright

David C. Albright

Head of Client Development, GFO
David C. Albright serves as GFO Head of Client Development. He is also a Member of GFO's Executive Leadership Team and, in January 2016, he was appointed to the Wealth Management business unit's Operating Group.


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