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There has been a worrying increase in reported cases in countries outside of China. We analyze the spread of the virus and risks to investors.

Investors should prepare their portfolios with more realistic returns in mind after a robust 2019. Learn what's behind our 2020 forecasts.


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Investors — big and small — are grappling with a persistently low-growth environment. But that doesn't mean there aren't any good investments out there. See how we identify opportunities in this environment.

If you’re an investor, you’re likely already a factor investor. Learn what this means, and more importantly, why it matters.


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Still fresh on money market investors' minds is the repo market seizure back in September that temporarily drove rates to as high as 10%. However, investors have embraced the Federal Reserve's forceful response. Peter Yi, director of short duration fixed income, explains.

Will global growth come to an end? What will central banks do? Our six investment themes for the next five years may help.

See how real pension funds and defined contribution plans use factor-based investing to manage risk and potentially earn excess returns.


Market Trends & Investment Insights

A muted economy and flat earnings don't normally mean robust returns, but that's what investors got. Learn why and what to expect in 2020.

Learn each factor's definition, application, investor profile and average cycle length.


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Northern Trust Asset Management’s quant chief Michael Hunstad challenges the assertion that investors need to take more risk to achieve greater returns.

See how real pension funds and defined contribution plans use factor-based investing to manage risk and potentially earn excess returns.

Global equities rose amid mixed coronavirus reports. European Union leaders will discuss the budget for the first time since the U.K.'s exit.


Portfolio Construction & Asset Allocation

Sustainable investing and bonds can be combined with success, but doing so requires some skill. Here's what to watch for.

Advisors spend about 25 hours a week on investment functions, cutting into time for finding new clients and building holistic financial plans for current clients. Not to mention time for today's increasingly complex fiduciary responsibilities.


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We think distinct investment trends can serve as an anchor to create sensible five-year return forecasts. Here are four of them.

We asked about 1,200 workers and retirees what they think about investing for retirement. A few answers might surprise you.

The days of simple diversification have passed. Multi-asset strategies can and should do more. Here are the key pillars for the most effective multi-asset strategies.


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Jim McDonald is an executive vice president and the chief investment strategist for Northern Trust. He is responsible for overseeing the strategic and tactical asset allocation policy for our institutional and wealth management clients globally.

Bob Browne is the chief investment officer for Northern Trust and is responsible for the investment performance, process and philosophy across multiple investment strategies, including fixed income, active equity and passive investments.

As president of Northern Trust Asset Management, Shundrawn A. Thomas is responsible for developing long-term strategy, executing operating plans, cultivating client relationships, managing vendor relationships and developing talented professionals. He also serves as a member of the Management Group for Northern Trust Corporation.

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