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Northern Trust Publications

The proactive, holistic guidance we provide clients is supported by the deep expertise of our thought leaders. Access up-to-date global analysis and market insights from our experts.

Economic Trends & Insights

Develop context about the global events and economic themes that are shaping our world – and learn what they could mean for our future.

Review our forecasts for selected economic indicators and interest rates and explore how they could affect future U.S. economic conditions.

Explore the prospects and challenges ahead for the U.S., the U.K., the eurozone, China and Japan through analysis from our global economic research team.

Gain quick insights by joining our chief economist for a 90-second video journey into today’s most impactful economic issues.

Explore the prospects and challenges ahead for major Asian economies from our team of economists.

Market & Investment Trends

View real-world, tactical allocation recommendations based on comprehensive market trend analysis from our experts.

Gain new perspective on your investments with a range of reports and updates.

Read our analysis of current trends and expectations for future market performance across credit markets, equities and other asset classes.

How will current market trends affect your investments? See our experts’ latest viewpoints, backed by detailed commentary, trend analysis and investment insights.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management Publications

Explore advice for managing wealth’s complexities and fulfilling your intentions. Articles cover a full range of topics ranging from understanding tax considerations to protecting yourself from cyber scams to preparing children to manage wealth.

Stay informed and put recent portfolio performance in context with market themes, our outlook and your goals. This publication includes weekly commentary, answers to top client questions, investing-related videos and more.

Position for better investing outcomes through research that unveils best practices for asset allocation, portfolio construction and investment selection.