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Markets and the Economy

Put recent portfolio performance in context with market themes, our outlook and your goals.

The Weekly Five

Hearts, Minds and Wallets

Investor attention continues to be dominated by tech- and tech-adjacent stocks, while market participants concurrently absorb every data point in efforts to ascertain economic strength and the path of rates. 

  1. What are the primary drivers of large-cap tech performance?
  2. How are tensions around upcoming French elections affecting macro data across the eurozone?
  3. Are deepening fiscal deficits beginning to have an impact on U.S. bond yields?
  4. What does the most recent jobless claims release tell us about the state of the U.S. labor market?
  5. What could stop the Fed from cutting rates later this year?
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Market Currents

There are many debates in the investment world. These debates tend to generate alarmist headlines and considerable uncertainty among investors looking to position their portfolios for the future. In Market Currents, host Katie Nixon explores arguments on both sides of these debates by separating facts, myths and theories with the help of industry-leading experts. The resulting insights position listeners to put headlines in context with the evidence and make better-informed investment decisions.

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Is Your Portfolio Truly Diversified?

Take full advantage of diversification by understanding where to find truly unique sources of return.

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Put recent portfolio performance in context with market themes, our outlook and your goals. Our Invested publication includes the Weekly Five commentary, videos, podcasts and more.

Portfolio Research by Peter Mladina

Explore research that examines best practices for asset allocation, portfolio construction and investment selection. 

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Commentary from Northern Trust Institute experts in leading media outlets.

Bloomberg LP’s “The Tape” Podcast

The Markets, Ukraine, Cyberthreats, And Supply Risks

Katie Nixon discusses economic risks and inflation in 2022.

Barron’s Future Returns

Invest for Goals, Not Returns

Katie Nixon discusses Northern Trust’s goals-driven investment strategy.


Stock Market Correction? It’s a Buying Opportunity

Katie Nixon comments on rebalancing portfolios amid periods of volatility.

Yahoo! Finance

Inflation is the ‘biggest risk to the market’: Northern Trust Wealth Management CIO

Katie Nixon speaks about inflation at Yahoo! Finance’s All Markets Summit.

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Market Currents Podcast

Wealth Management CIO Katie Nixon pulls back the curtain on financial trends.

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The Weekly Five

Stay informed on recent market developments and their impact on your portfolio.

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How to Invest with Less Bias

Keep common investment biases from impacting results.

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Looking Through the Triple Net Lens

Focus on the impact of expenses, taxes and inflation on gross returns.

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Let us help you navigate wealth’s complexities.

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