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Investment Data Science
Harness the power of data science to turn information into insights. Helping asset managers and asset allocators optimize their investment process to deliver enhanced outcomes.
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Equity Data Science (EDS)

Equity Data Science (EDS)

Aggregate data and digitize your investment process.


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Essentia Analytics

Essentia Analytics

Combine trade data with behavioral science to identify patterns and biases in investment decisions.

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Venn® by Two Sigma

Venn® by Two Sigma

Make data-driven decisions through next-generation analytics for asset allocators.


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Historically, when asset servicers speak of data, it’s been about the mechanics: capture, validation, processing, and delivery. While those things are crucial, it’s only half the story. What you do with that data is what drives measurable business outcomes, and ultimately investment performance.

Through a network of partnerships with leading technology firms, Northern Trust’s Investment Data Science capabilities offers a curated suite of solutions – fully integrated with our asset servicing platform - that combines Northern Trust’s foundational data with both data science and behavioral analytics. The power of these tools helps institutions digitize their investment process, enabling faster and smarter investment decisions.

Explore the IDS Product Suite

Scientific, Data-Driven Solutions for Your Investment Process

Investment Data Science pairs Northern Trust’s core data and hallmark service with some of the industry’s leading technologies to offer a customizable ecosystem of cutting-edge capabilities.

Leverage a cloud-based infrastructure that aggregates data inputs, simplifies research management and idea generation, streamlines risk modeling and backtesting, and creates a transparent, digital environment to execute, measure, and refine your most precious asset – your investment process.

Pair historical holdings and transaction history with behavioral science to identify the psychological factors that drive (or undermine) investment performance, and identify strengths and hidden biases that link investment decisions to outcomes.

Take our traditional ex-post risk and attribution analytics a level deeper with factor analyses, stress testing, and workflows designed to help asset allocators get to the “why” of investment performance and digitize their investment research, portfolio construction, and asset allocation practices.


Investment Data Science Helps


Realize efficiency in the front office, improve transparency and collaboration, and optimize alpha generation at a far lower cost than home grown solutions.

Portfolio Managers

Streamline and digitize your investment process to better manage, assess, and refine idea generation, research management, portfolio construction, and risk.

Research Analysts

Streamline your investment process and ensure your best ideas are more easily communicated though real-time collaboration.

Asset Allocators

Take traditional analytics a step further and facilitate the execution of your strategy through online collaboration and tools to enable real-time, data-driven allocation decisions.


Investment Data Science is one piece of a continuum of solutions to support your entire business. Our ecosystem of proprietary, vended, and partnered solutions helps meet the strategic, operational, and technological needs of our clients’ Whole Office.



Meet Our Experts

Paul Fahey image

Paul Fahey, Head of Investment Data Science, Asset Servicing, Americas

As Head of Investment Data Science, Paul works with asset managers and allocators to better understand the investment decision process and to improve future decision making.

Marc Mallet image

Marc Mallett, Director of Strategy for Asset Servicing, Americas

Marc has more than 20 years of experience in financial services consulting, technology and operations.

Gary Paulin image

Gary Paulin, Head of Global Strategic Solutions

Gary’s primary focus is on managing Global Strategic Solutions new business opportunities and prospective clients through to onboarding.


Ready to Get Started?

Learn more about Northern Trust’s Investment Data Science solutions.


The Latest Investment Data Science Insights

Data driven

Data science and behavioral analytics can create more quantifiable, data-driven outcomes.

AI’s Evolution in Financial Services and Its Impact on the Future

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize investment data analysis for decision making.

Modernizing Research Management to Support Investment Decision-Making

Asset managers are changing gears in the intensifying battle for alpha.

As more managers and investors target ESG goals, relying on data to make decisions and to communicate those decisions to stakeholders will be key.

For institutional investors hoping to act on ESG goals, data is the name of the game. But investors will have to ensure they have access to the needed data, as well as the ability to draw insights from it.

Gary Paulin, head of global strategic solutions discusses how asset owners are using data to ask harder questions about investment firms’ processes with Digital Finance Magazine.

Graphic of mountains

Achieving alpha is not only an art, it is a science.


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Investment Data Science