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Quality Small Cap Value

Capture the Value Premium with Small Cap Companies

Robert Bergson

Robert Bergson

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The Quality Small Cap Value strategy considers valuation, momentum and profitability in an effort to efficiently capture the opportunity for small cap outperformance.

The Quality Small Cap Value strategy seeks to efficiently capture the small-cap premium by investing in a diverse portfolio of quality, undervalued small cap companies. The strategy applies a multi-factor model – considering valuation, momentum and profitability - to identify reasonably priced, profitable small cap stocks and avoid those with signs of distress.

Strategy Highlights

  • Managed by the same lead portfolio manager since 2001
  • Applies multi-factor model to identify quality, undervalued companies with positive momentum
  • Manages risk with portfolio construction and focus on efficiency by managing costs and trading

A Multi-Factor Model with Value, Quality, Momentum, & Size

Proprietary factor definitions, smart multi-factor construction, and efficient use of risk come together to pursue predictable outcomes.


Why invest with Northern Trust Asset Management?

We seek to add investment value across several essential dimensions