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Mark C. Sodergren, CFA

Mark C. Sodergren, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Mark Sodergren head of the quantitative active equity team responsible for research and implementation of several quantitative equity strategies. He currently co-manages the Northern International Equity Fund, Northern Large Cap Core Fund and Northern Large Cap Value Fund.

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The Quality Value strategy builds on the proven power of value investing by adding the quality factor in an effort to lift returns and reduce volatility.

Our research has demonstrated that Quality is a solid complement to other factors such as Value, as it historically increased return, reduced volatility, and mitigated the effects of other factor cycles.  By investing at the intersection of quality and value, the strategy seeks to capture a greater premium that value alone.

Strategy Highlights

  • Defines value universe with current and normalized value metrics
  • Uses comprehensive, proprietary quality score to avoid distressed companies
  • Creates intentional risk exposures with sector/region-neutral portfolio construction

A Multi-Factor Model with Quality and Value

Proprietary factor definitions, smart multi-factor construction and efficient use of risk come together to pursue predictable outcomes.


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