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Haydee Icasiano Ong portrait

Haydee Icasiano Ong

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Now an operations manager for client reporting, Haydee Icasiano Ong joined Northern Trust in 2015 as a team leader. As part of the team that opened the Manila, Philippines office, she helped grow the team while gaining experience in migrations, client and executive presentations, and project and people management. Then just 12 people, she now manages multiple teams, overseeing a total of 100 employees.


When did you realize that Northern Trust was a good fit for your career?

Just a few weeks after starting here. Aside from the fact that everyone was genuinely nice and supportive, Manila was new and had many opportunities for growth and career development. I could see the potential. 

What sets Northern Trust apart from other companies?

The culture and the inclusivity. The executive team and managers stop by your desk and ask how you’re doing. I never experienced that at my previous banking and finance companies. Managers here set one-on-ones with you and really take the time to talk about your career and where you want to go. 

What qualities make a good manager?

Lead from the front.

I saw this line, “Be the manager that you needed when you were a junior.” Looking at the managers I have now at Northern Trust, I see some things that I would have appreciated early in my career. So, I try to be empathetic, understanding, inclusive and a good listener. 

When do you feel most empowered or excited at work?

When the Northern Trust Manila office was brand new, there was a lot happening at the same time and some pressure to get things right. My manager let me make decisions even at an early stage. That’s when I realized, “He does trust me to make the right decisions and to see what’s best for my team.”

Now, what gets me really excited is seeing my directs taking charge and making the right decisions for their teams. I feel I was able to guide and empower them enough to have the confidence in leading their teams. 

 Do you have any unique traits or skills that you bring to your role?

I try to be empathetic as a leader. I try to be understanding, listen and get different perspectives before making decisions. And I try to make sure those traits trickle down.

What advice would you give to people exploring a career at Northern Trust?

It's something that you won’t regret. Aside from learning something new, it’s really about the company culture and the people here. 



Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Current location: Manila, Philippines
Time at Northern Trust: 7 years
Favorite food: Korean
Hobby: Painting—it’s very relaxing.
Currently listening to: TED Talks podcasts
Cause you are passionate about: Animals. Pre-pandemic I would volunteer at shelters a few times a year. I make it a point to donate time or supplies monthly.
Describe Northern Trust in one word:  Connected. I feel that Northern Trust has a very connected and inclusive company culture where employees feel accepted and valued.