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Keep your organization mission-focused

A-Suite: A Destination for Asset Allocators

Explore the latest insights, research and networking opportunities for asset owners.

Face Value

Insights from Northern Trust’s Asset Servicing President, Pete Cherecwich.

Point of View

Investment insights from Northern Trust Asset Management.


Timely insights on global markets and investments
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Contact Us

Want to learn more? Contact us to speak with a representative.

Seek to address your most critical and complex needs

Financial complexity and data demands escalate as your organization evolves. Having worked with nonprofits of all sizes, Northern Trust knows how to develop solutions right-sized to support your specific strategic goals, investment challenges and ongoing needs.

The Shifting Landscape for Institutional Investors

The investment landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift, affecting all major asset classes. Having a holistic view of the market while remaining flexible and vigilant will be of paramount importance in this evolving financial environment.
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The Future of Funds

In this paper we partner with HSBC to reflect on some key characteristics, considerations and opportunities we see could arise in the investment fund landscape from the confluence of driving forces shaping the path forward.
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Stay ahead of change

Face market challenges or regulatory pressures head on. Northern Trust’s expertise may help you position portfolios for shifting market environments and mounting regulatory requirements —all while providing distinctive insights about planned giving, impact and sustainable investing, alternative asset investing, and other industry trends.
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Northern Trust and PwC conducted a global ESG market study to explore institutional investor attitudes, future needs and preferences, as well as key trends and implications for businesses.

Well-run nonprofits have directors who hold the organization’s mission in high regard, understand and faithfully execute their duties and make strategic decisions supporting the organization’s well-being. Here’s how to be one of them.

Nonprofit-focused products and services

Our consultative approach to serving nonprofits means we can tailor a solution to your unique situation, from specific investment strategies or data management ideas, to a bundled suite of multiple services.

Asset Servicing