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The Shape of the New Alternative Asset Manager

How Diversifying into New Asset Classes Raises Opportunities and Challenges

The alternatives fund sector is adapting to a new market backdrop by expanding from pure-play hedge funds into closed-end private structures and from closed-end private equity shops into open-ended fund structures.

As different alternatives classes have vastly different strategies for achieving alpha, operational requirements naturally differ greatly. Alternative asset managers must carefully consider the resources they will need to be successful. The right outsourcing partner can be invaluable in helping set up new funds and navigating new asset classes.
Before alts managers commit to expanding their strategies, they should ask themselves some important questions:

• Will my planned approach create a holistic or bolt-on offering?
• Can I ensure this expansion won’t leave my current investors behind?
• Am I operationally ready with the required expertise and service providers?


Peter Sanchez

Peter Sanchez

Global Head of Banking and Treasury Services
Peter is an Executive Vice President at the Northern Trust Company and serves as Head of Banking & Treasury Services, a global division which was formed under Peter’s leadership in 2022 to bring together business in Global Banking, Benefit Payments, Treasury Management, Corporate & Institutional Lending as well as Cash Operations to meet the evolving needs across banking, lending, payments and treasury for Northern Trust and its clients.