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Historically, style factors have been shown to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to passive capitalization weighted indexes and more persistent performance than traditional active management, making them a compelling alternative for investors.




Jordan Dekhayser, CFA
Head of Quantitative Research and Strategy

By integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their portfolios , investors are increasingly recognizing they can go beyond conventional financial criteria and invest in companies whose emphasis on corporate citizenship matches their own values. Yet even the staunchest proponent of ESG investing acknowledges the importance of financial criteria. How, specifically, can we combine traditional and ESG research to achieve investment objectives surrounding risk, return and ESG performance?


Trade conflicts, slow growth and politics are among the most likely themes to rattle markets. Here's what they mean to investors.

Investment Perspective

Financial markets continue to be buffeted by trade developments, and we expect future global growth to modestly disappoint.


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