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Explore five key themes – and corresponding advice – that could impact your wealth plan this year.

Stay informed on recent market developments and their impact on your portfolio with Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Katie Nixon.

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Explore wealth strategies that are informed by research, grounded in real-world outcomes and tailored to you.

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Now is the time to revisit your wealth plan to prepare for an uncertain future.


Wealth Planning

Taxes matter but before relocating, consider the broader impact of the move, and understand the requirements to establish residency.

Societal and familial shifts require a new approach to planning for an effective transfer of wealth.


Balancing business objectives with family harmony can be a delicate task. These three strategies can help.

The pandemic is intensifying valuation conflicts in divorce, but the right expertise and creativity can resolve these issues.


More Wealth Planning Insights

Successful wealth management requires a strong foundation of financial knowledge across generations.

Changes to lifestyle are often inevitable, but there are steps you can take to avoid common pitfalls.

Evolve your wealth plan to better meet the needs of your family.




It pays to be aware of our blind spots.



What questions should you be asking to develop a goals-driven investment strategy?

Consider building a portfolio reserve to avoid making short-term decisions that could jeopardize long-term goals.


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Katie leads the national investment management practice for Northern Trust’s Wealth Management business from the firm’s Chicago headquarters.

Peter is responsible for the application of leading research to the wealth management investment process.

Pam assists clients and Northern Trust partners in achieving their goals while keeping an eye on the human element of wealth and family dynamics.

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