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Our goal within the Asset Owner segment at Northern Trust is to empower the missions of our clients – which means helping them maximize their investment returns so that they may then serve their constituents, their communities, and the world we live in.

Commitment to our Global Clients

With over 1,800 global asset owner clients, across corporations, not-for-profits, public funds, insurance companies, central banks and sovereign wealth funds, Northern Trust has an unwavering commitment to support the increasingly sophisticated needs of complex asset owners and allocators. Innovating for our clients in a way that mirrors their missions and their values is something that our employees are inspired by and passionate about.

Who We Serve

We understand your unique challenges and opportunities, so we are committed to supporting some of the world’s most complex asset owners.

Corporate Clients

Achieving goals while meeting regulatory and fiduciary requirements can be challenging. We leverage wide-ranging expertise to develop solutions – marshaling resources around the world to help you realize your objectives.

Insurance Companies

Regulatory change, transparency demands and evolving market environments present unique challenges for insurance companies. Insurers of all types are able to manage complexity through our insurance-specific solutions.

Not-For-Profit Institutions

Financial complexity and data demands escalate as your organization evolves. We work with nonprofits of all sizes, so we know how to develop solutions right-sized to support your specific strategic goals, investment challenges and ongoing needs.


Our clients span healthcare companies, endowments, foundations, and public charities.

Pension Funds

Rapidly evolving markets, ongoing transparency demands and increasing regulatory requirements present unique challenges for public and private pension funds. For decades, we have helped pension funds manage risk, achieve investment objectives and optimize portfolio efficiency.

Global Family Offices

Our specialized expertise for family offices and cutting-edge technology prepares us to serve our multi-faceted family client base including single family offices, high-net-worth individuals and families, private investment companies, family foundations and private trust companies.


For over 30 years, our dedicated Canadian team has been well positioned to support companies across all provinces. We represent more than half of the Maple 8 clients which are Canada’s largest pension funds.


Over the past few years, we have doubled our assets under custody with a focus on Canadian based public pension funds, multi-national corporate pensions and institutional fund managers.

Sovereign Entities

Keeping on top of governance requirements and rapidly changing markets can be time-consuming, and should never detract from your primary focus. With comprehensive reporting and innovative investment solutions, we help entities like yours manage data, monitor mandate compliance and achieve even the most complex investment objectives.

Innovation in Practice

We evolve alongside our clients as forward-looking leaders who are uniquely invested in the asset owner space. Understanding the 'big picture' and complexity of your challenges is at the core of our product development strategy. We put clients at the center of our vision when investing in solutions, so that our full suite of capabilities can help you meet your business and investment needs. Our partners surround everything we do with service, integrity, and expertise so you can rest assured that your company’s mission is our top priority.

A holistic digital and service solution for modern institutional portfolios, fit for purpose to enable data integration, team collaboration and portfolio analysis.

Scientific, data-driven solutions to help asset allocators and asset owners digitize and optimize their investment process to improve the decision-making process and deliver enhanced outcomes.

Whole office solutions across institutional brokerage, foreign exchange, securities finance and transition management to help drive performance across the investment lifecycle.

A global investment manager that helps investors navigate changing market environments, so they can confidently realize their long-term objectives.

Our single group unifying digital and traditional market functions is focused on keeping you at the forefront of change. We support you as you navigate the fast-developing digital markets and challenges of investing in digital assets alongside your allocations to more traditional asset classes, and provide access to market-leading expertise, industry insights and continued innovations.