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Northern Trust Principles That Endure


Throughout our history, Northern Trust has led the financial services industry by aligning our efforts with our guiding principles. Today, these shared principles continue to unite Northern Trust’s partners around the globe.


Northern Trust has a relentless drive to provide exceptional service – not just for our clients, but for our employees and communities. We set new standards. Skillfully execute. Deliver more. It’s what we’re known for. Regardless of what we’re providing — technology, solutions or our time — we are passionately and personally committed to delivering above and beyond.


In everything we do, expertise has always been at Northern Trust’s core. We know what we do well, and focus sharply on those things. We expand our knowledge and capabilities with an eye on the future. We hire and support talented professionals to help deliver creative solutions. Our expertise is why we’ve been a trusted advisor for five generations, and will continue to be for generations to come.


Northern Trust has a heritage of acting with the highest ethics. The utmost honesty. And unfailing reliability. We have the wisdom earned through generations of relationships. The stability to weather change and uncertainty. And the insight to understand that diversity makes us stronger. For more than 125 years, our integrity has remained intact. And we have no intention of that changing.


Principles that Endure: 125 Years of Northern Trust, 1889-2014

Our e-book tells a remarkable story of both constancy and change. Over the years, through economic highs and lows, Northern Trust's character, culture and commitment have remained constant. Available for Apple and Kindle devices.