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While investors likely have been expecting a debt-ceiling deal to avoid a potential U.S. default, some complicated steps remain

Our experts dive into their perspectives on what the market is missing around the U.S. debt ceiling crisis and a potential rate-hike pause by the Federal Reserve, in the May edition of "What’s the Market Missing?"

No deal on the debt ceiling may spark volatility and drag down economic growth


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The number one question when portfolios don’t deliver outcomes as expected is ‘why?’ After a six year analysis of nearly 300 institutional equity portfolios totaling $250+ billion of assets, six key findings emerged to help answer that question.

Investors tuning their portfolios to environmental, social and governance (ESG) values must ensure their investments take ESG seriously. We introduce a way to help separate the real ESG strategies from the posers.


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We are in a new era of extreme volatility that is leaving investors searching for new ways to achieve the same portfolio objectives.

Inflation drags down cash performance. We explain how investors can make cash work harder for yield, and mitigate inflation’s damage, while still preserving capital.


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Michael Hunstad is Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Global Equities at Northern Trust Asset Management.

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