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Collateral Optimization

Manage your collateral and liquidity effectively

At Northern Trust we understand that the intersection of global derivatives and capital-related regulations such as the European Market Infrastructure Regulation are expected to increase the need for liquidity and over the longer term create a collateral squeeze. We will work with you to help you more effectively monitor and manage your liquidity and collateral all within a transparent framework that will allow you to optimize your assets use while reducing counterparty and settlement risk.

We provide broad services across the collateral lifecycle, helping you with inventory management, collateral management, collateral access, liquidity access, reporting and monitoring.

  • Focus on asset safety with assets held within transparent account structures
  • Extensive coverage of assets, held in custody with Northern Trust and outside of Northern Trust, providing a holistic view of your inventory, the foundation to managing collateral efficiently
  • Extensive market infrastructure connectivity

Northern Trust Capital Markets is comprised of a number of Northern Trust entities that provide trading and execution services on behalf of institutional clients, including foreign exchange, institutional brokerage, securities finance and transition management services. Foreign exchange, securities finance and transition management services are provided by The Northern Trust Company (TNTC) globally, and Northern Trust Global Services SE (NTGS SE) in the European Economic Area (EEA). Institutional Brokerage services including Integrated Trading Solutions (ITS) are provided by NTGS SE in the EEA, Northern Trust Securities LLP (NTS LLP) in the rest of EMEA, Northern Trust Securities Australia Pty Ltd (NTSA) in APAC and Northern Trust Securities, Inc. (NTSI) in the United States. For legal and regulatory information about our offices and legal entities, visit For Asia-Pacific markets, this communication is directed to expert, institutional, professional and wholesale clients or investors only and should not be relied upon by retail clients or investors. © 2023 Northern Trust Corporation.

Our Clients

Our Asset Servicing group offers services and solutions to a wide range of clientele. Some of our key clients include: