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Engineering Equity to Work in Your Favour

What if you could find a way to identify which risks are most likely to move you closer to your goals – and which are most likely to be rewarded? What if you could engineer your equity portfolio to employ the most efficient strategies to help you reach your objectives?

With engineered equity, we provide a more rewarding approach to better compensate you for the risks you're taking.

Think Differently, Optimise Exposure

We see the space between active and index blurring, and this shift presents new opportunities for investors to find a better route to achieving their objectives. Whether you use alternative or customised indices, factor-based strategies or incorporate our proprietary quality score, we can help you gain the most effective exposure possible.

Our engineered equity approach optimises equity risk to:

  • Identify portfolio risks worth taking based on your goals
  • Analyse your existing portfolio to determine the true current risk
  • Create a best-in-class solution tailored for your needs

Collaborative Solutions in Action

Our global equity team works with clients to engineer equity factors to their best advantage. Solution agnostic, they create a range of answers – alternative index, factor-based and proprietary quality solutions – to address our clients’ unique and complex challenges. Some examples of our solutions include:

  • Focused investment, controlling for uncompensated risks: 
    • Intersection of high quality and dividend yield
    • Intersection of small size and value, eliminating companies with signs of distress
  • Funded index strategies benchmarked to Russell indices: 
    • Fundamental Emerging Markets Small Company
    • Fundamental Developed International Small Company

A Range of Vehicles to Meet Your Needs

Choosing the right vehicle is important to your investments’ overall success. We offer a full range of structures and we work with you to determine which one best suits your needs - considering tax status, domicile, liquidity, compliance and flexibility.

Want to Learn More?

Discover how Northern Trust can help you analyse the risks your portfolio faces – and identify those worth taking. Explore our engineered equity solutions today, and start putting that risk to work in your favour.

Andrew Knell, CFA

Andrew Knell, CFA

Senior Investment Strategist, Global Equity
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Andrew Knell, CFA

Andrew Knell, CFA

Senior Investment Strategist, Global Equity
Andrew Knell is a Senior Vice President and senior investment strategist for Global Equity at Northern Trust Asset Management. The Global Equity Strategy team collaborates with investors to provide the optimal path to achieving their investment objectives. The team provides investment thought leadership to investors globally and is responsible for developing comprehensive investment solutions and insights across the spectrum of index, quantitative, and active strategies. Andrew also has an active role in working with clients to design ESG and responsible investment solutions.

Prior to joining Northern Trust in 2014, Andrew was with Russell Investments in London where responsibilities included managing Russell Indexes’ European client base of buy-side managers, sell-side banks and ETF issuers, and acting as a product specialist for equity indices and smart beta. Previously in his career at Russell Investments, Andrew was responsible for asset management business development and client relationship management for institutional investors and strategic distribution partners. Andrew started at Russell Investments in 2005 with responsibility for developing and managing Russell’s fund management range in EMEA. Prior to Russell, Andrew started his career working at a small boutique financial consultancy.

Andrew holds a first class bachelors degree in Cognitive Science from the University of London. He is a holder of the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and also holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC). He is a member of the CFA Society United Kingdom and the CFA Institute.

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