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Make an impact.

Giving back to the communities where we live and work is in Northern Trust’s DNA – and a huge reason why we’ve been successful for more than 130 years. Every Northern Trust employee plays the role of steward and is asked to consider sustainable business performance improvements. Volunteerism, philanthropy, sound business practices and ethics, and a conservation-minded approach to protecting the world are essential elements of our mission and culture.

Northern Trust encourages employees to give through a 1:1 matching program where Northern Trust can match their annual contributions up to $2,000. More importantly, Northern Trust employees invest their time: In 2018, employees across the globe collectively volunteered nearly 120,000 hours to charities, serving in a variety of projects, including board membership for local nonprofits, tutoring children after school, and cleaning up local parks.

We Strive to be Socially Accountable – to Ourselves and the Public

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are essential elements of our mission and culture.

  • Diversity and Inclusion. We count a diversified workforce as one of our strongest assets. And we recognize that diversity of thought and experience allows us to draw on a wide range of perspectives to better serve our clients, employees, and our communities.

  • Philanthropy. Through progressive investments, philanthropic contributions and the volunteer service of our employees, we actively work to improve people’s lives and circumstances.

  • Environment. We embrace the principles of sustainability and seek to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs