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Fraud Prevention is Everyone's Business

Extra diligence can help you safeguard your finances.

Hackers and cyber criminals are constantly evolving their attacks. They may target banks, law firms, advisors, fund administrators, industry and messaging utilities, and investors themselves. As criminals have become more sophisticated, we all have to step up our vigilance to avoid becoming victims of fraud.


SPOOFING is the practice of causing a message to appear as though it is coming from a trusted address or phone number.

PHISHING is a form of social engineering used to obtain credentials or introduce malicious software (“Malware”) that can obtain unauthorized access to an email account.

VISHING calls often spoof legitimate phone numbers to appear to originate from a trusted source.

FORMJACKING, a form of web-based hacking, allows criminals to steal details from forms on web pages using a code.


  • Requests to wire funds to or from countries with which you do not normally do business
  • Hacked email accounts for anyone issuing or approving instructions
  • Fraudulent invoices from vendors
  • Fake forms coming from investors, general partners or counterparties

Fraud Prevention tips
Fraud Prevention tips