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Wealth Planning with Art

Wealth Planning Considerations for Art Lovers


  • Identify where/how art fits into an individual’s goals based approach to wealth management
  • Educate collectors on the various ways that they can plan for the future of their art collection
  • Illustrate various examples of how one could grow/expand their art collection by using credit/lending and leverage



Art inspires us. It intrigues us. We celebrate art and artists globally – from EXPO CHICAGO to Art Basel Miami and Art Basel Hong Kong. Whether you view art as a passion or an investment, or perhaps a bit of each, today's vibrant art market and the surge in private gifts of art touch many of our lives.

Within the following pages, we explore considerations for those who have an affinity for art.

  • The Art Relationship
  • The Value of Art
  • Appraising Art
  • Transferring Art
  • Selling Art

The art environment is diverse and constantly changing. Wealth planning with art offers many opportunities, but it is also quite nuanced. Acquiring, managing, valuing and transferring art require thoughtful planning and the advice from trusted experts and advisors to realize the full value of individual works or a collection. We encourage you to confer with your art, legal and tax advisors about your particular circumstances.


Suzanne L. Shier

Wealth Planning Practice Executive & Chief Tax Strategist/ Tax Counsel

Christopher Perry

Senior Managing Director


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