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How Industry Forces Will Give Way to a New Level of Maturity for Alternative Assets

When a diamond is formed, carbon atoms come under high temperatures and crushing pressure, fall into efficient alignment, and ultimately give way to a valuable gemstone and one of the hardest naturally occurring substances.

In some ways, the alternative fund industry is going through a similar process. Capital continues to flow in from a wider array of sources, increasing pressure on how managers realize returns and meet the demands of their investors. Our latest white paper explores how industry force will give way to a new level of maturity for alternative assets.

Summary -

  • While the demand for alternative investment products has never been higher, alternative asset managers are running into a highly saturated field, leaving them competing for investors and deals.
  • This reality has cleared the way for specific forces to apply pressure on managers, leaving the alternatives industry at a crossroads. Thanks to increased demand and hot competition, general partners are turning to new products and strategies to differentiate themselves, limited partners have begun requesting customized processes and accommodations, and regulators have taken on a new focus for alternative products.
  • Managers must push to follow through in their practices and take on these pressures – and they won’t be able to do so without the right technology , effective governance and expert guidance.

Alternative asset managers’ response to these forces will determine when and how the industry evolves. Will they rise to the challenge of these pressures? And will we see a more aligned, more mature alternatives sector emerge on the other side?

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Our Experts

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Clive Bellows

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Kimberly Evans

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Iain Carey

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