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In episode 4, founder & CEO of Strike Protocols, Andrew Lawrence, joins us in a conversation covering the origins of the cryptographic monetary world and the technologies defining the evolution of digital finance.

Episode 4 - Picks & Shovels: The Evolution of Digital Finance

In episode 3, Cordell Carter, Executive Director of the Socrates Program at Aspen Institute, joins us to discuss the development of next generation leadership, Aspen's broader mission, the year of 2020, and the role that leadership must play in the post-COVID world. 

Episode 3: Leadership & Learning


In episode 2, Nicole Small, CEO of Lyda Hill Philanthropies/LH Capital, joins us to discuss how the convergence of philanthropy and investing may not only positively impact your portfolio, but drive real change in the world around us.

Episode 2: Investing with Impact


In the inaugural episode of Global Family & Private Investment Offices' (GFO) People, Ideas & Capital, we sit down with John Kay, Author and Oxford Economist, to explore the notion of uncertainty and how it can be leveraged into a source of creativity, excitement, and profit.

Episode 1: Radical Uncertainty

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