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Wealth Management Expert

Peter Mladina portait

Peter Mladina

Executive Director of Portfolio Research, Wealth Management

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Is There Value in the Value Premium? (Revisited)

Peter Mladina is the Executive Director of Portfolio Research for Northern Trust Wealth Management. He is responsible for the application of leading research to the wealth management investment process. This includes research, tools and methods that support asset allocation, portfolio construction, investment selection and best practices in portfolio management.   

Previously, Peter was the Director of Research at Waterline, a boutique wealth manager acquired by Northern Trust in 2010. In addition to advising high-net-worth clients, Peter helped Waterline develop an innovative goals-based asset allocation solution and an empirical investment approach rooted in academic research.     

Peter is a Professor of Practice at UCLA, where he teaches applied financial economics. His research on asset allocation, portfolio construction and asset pricing has been awarded publication in peer-reviewed journals, and he is a co-author of the CFA Institute’s Level III asset allocation curriculum. He received a B.A. in economics from UCLA and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School (U.K.). 


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