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Wealth Management Insights & Research

Wealth Planning

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Gain perspective on timely topics and find ways to optimize your wealth plan through strategies covering taxes, wealth transfer, retirement and more.

Top Insight

Societal and familial shifts require a new approach to planning for an effective transfer of wealth.


Top Wealth Planning Insights

Whether you are focused on growing your business or preparing for an exit, a solid wealth plan is critical for entrepreneurs at every stage. Explore insights for building and sustaining your wealth.

Many business owners worry about how their success will impact their loved ones. These five secrets of successful families demonstrate how to effectively transfer your wealth and values.

Moving across state lines? Our checklist can help you navigate the tax, estate and other financial complexities that come with interstate relocation.


More Wealth Planning Insights

Learn how one family reimagined their wealth plan to better define the values they were trying to incent.

The majority of generational wealth transfers ultimately fail due to the breakdown of communication and trust. Following a process for family governance can help your family align on a vision and make good decisions.

In blended marriages, the threat of accidental disinheritance is real.


Wealth Planning Experts

Pam assists clients and Northern Trust partners in achieving their goals while keeping an eye on the human element of wealth and family dynamics.

Eric oversees Northern Trust’s national strategy for advising business owners and their families.

Working with Northern Trust's wealthiest client base, Amy has gained insights into how families successfully navigate sustainable intergenerational wealth.

Steph is responsible for leading the firm’s advisory practice for women and oversees its Elevating Women platform.

Marguerite specializes in administering charitable trusts and private foundations, and facilitating family philanthropy retreats.

Rob Ashcroft is the Practice Lead of Business Advisory Services. He works closely with owners of privately held companies, helping them develop liquidity and succession plans.