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Passing down More than Money

Study: Gain greater peace of mind and family harmony with a goals-driven approach to wealth management .

For many families, the past several years have provided a stark reminder of what is most important. From health challenges to upended school and work routines to relocation considerations, the year ahead is likely to have many rethinking their goals – and their wealth plans.

A goals-driven approach can offer quantifiable benefits as families seek to reassess and articulate the greater meaning of their wealth and shared visions across generations. In fact, new research of high net worth families conducted by the Northern Trust Institute underscores the value of a goals-driven approach.

With Northern Trust’s approach to Goals Driven Wealth Management, we can help you achieve a clear view of your entire balance sheet – both what you have (assets), and what you want to achieve (goals). With this information, we model a range of scenarios, forecast future spending requirements and use data to identify decision points for action so you can move forward with confidence.

The past several years have, for many, resulted in a sharper focus on what is most important. As we look forward to a brighter future, there is no better time to build a plan driven by your goals.

See the Big Picture of Your Wealth

Achieve your goals with confidence and face the unexpected.

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Guided by The Northern Trust Institute’s evidence-based approach, our advisors can recommend strategies that have proven most effective for clients like you. Request a meeting to begin improving your plan.