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Digitisation: The New Realm for Securities Services
In the first of our Innovation in Action video series, Northern Trust's Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research, Justin Chapman, charts how the securities environment is changing and explores the significant opportunities that digitisation brings.

Digital Alpha


The value of drawing on diverse datasets is increasingly clear but it can be challenging to efficiently turn information into actionable insights. In this video, we explore how emerging technologies are enhancing data analysis and generating new business value for institutional investors.

New marketplaces, infrastructures and asset classes are emerging across the securities industry and in multiple regions. In this video, we explore how they offer a huge opportunity but need to be navigated responsibly to manage uncertainty, regulatory complexity and the pace of change.

Managing an increasing quantity of data, coupled with expectations of real-time, impactful analysis can present a challenge to institutional investors. In this video, we explore the role of digital technologies in dealing with more data, more quickly whilst minimising risk and errors.

Digital Assets


The Next Step
The digitisation of the securities environment is well underway and the next step – Digital Assets – are rapidly coming to the fore. In this video, we take a look at the broad categories of this diverse new asset class and the potential benefits to the end investor and the entire value chain.

Digital Assets promise many benefits beyond enhanced efficiencies. In this video, we look at the potential for improved market accessibility enabled by fractionalisation and how Northern Trust is already engaging with this innovative technology.