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Outsourcing solutions for asset owners and asset managers across all asset classes and strategies.

As investment strategies, regulations and technologies grow more complex, and cost pressures increase, efficient operations are critical to your success.

Mounting competition has you focused on growing your distribution channels, enhancing your product offerings, improving investment performance and making better use of your data.

Managing cost, investing in technology and managing regulatory compliance requirements are just some of the challenges you face today. Work with an experienced provider who truly understands the changing demands for operational efficiency, data governance, risk management, cost control and business growth.

Northern Trust’s tailored outsourcing solutions provide the expertise, technology and oversight you need to improve efficiency, control costs and manage operational risk across the investment lifecycle. A comprehensive suite of services – from component outsourcing to full middle and back office - offers the flexibility of a customized service offering backed by local market support and advanced technology to meet your evolving needs.

By reducing overhead and making better use of data, resources and technology, asset managers and asset owners can funnel cost savings into their investment decisions and drive their Operational Alpha™.

Trends in Asset Servicing

Asset owners are bringing management of their investments in-house to improve governance and transparency, reduce costs and gain better control. The need to achieve true operational efficiency in the investment process drives the decision to seek outsourced solutions in the front, middle and back office. Our latest white paper draws on the experience of asset owners to gain insight into insourced asset management.

When a manager provides a net return to its investors, it is often difficult to know what is included in the calculation. How can investors leverage technology to gain better transparency into the fees and expenses they are being charged, and verify that their managers adhere to established guidelines?

Solutions in Motion

Find out how else we can help you with your Asset Servicing needs:
Maximize investment and execution potential with our innovative solutions across institutional brokerage, transition management, securities lending, and foreign exchange.
Support your business strategy with the right combination of asset servicing and fund administration solutions for traditional and alternative assets.
Turn data into decisions with our integrated digital technology and service for modern multi-asset class portfolios.
Work with a provider who understands the changing demands for data governance, risk management, cost control and business growth.


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Our Clients

Our Asset Servicing group offers services and solutions to a wide range of clientele. Some of our key clients include: