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Investment Accounting & Analytics Services

Investment Accounting & Analytics Services

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2020 Insurance Webinar Series

The Digital Transformation of the Insurance Industry

Providing key insights and research from leading experts on topics impacting the insurance market today and in the future.

Powered by SAP FAM System

Northern Trust launches Investment Accounting and Analytics Services on SAP Financial Asset Management System
Michael E. Blake, CFA

Michael E. Blake, CFA

Manager of Business Development, Global Fund Services & Insurance

Interactive, cloud-based investment accounting services providing an end-to-end solution for all investment types.

Northern Trust’s Investment Accounting and Analytics Services combines a digital experience with a fully customized service model delivered by experienced industry professionals.

See the power of Northern Trust's Investment Accounting and Analytics Services

As regulatory reporting needs and transparency demands continue to grow, Northern Trust understands and services the full cycle of investment portfolio reporting and management.

Powered by the SAP Financial Asset Management (FAM) System, Investment Accounting and Analytics Services leverages Northern Trust's award-winning interactive, digital interface to provide an end-to-end solution covering all investment types and reporting needs.

On-demand, interactive reports enable you to:

  • Spot trends, risks and opportunities through the ability to view and analyze underlying data.
  • Analyze data more quickly and finely by drilling down into detailed views of the underlying data.
  • View the impact of portfolio changes throughout the portfolio by clicking through report types.
  • Receive report updates faster when providing new data to the Northern Trust team.
  • Ask more strategic questions as a result of more detailed data analysis

We couple our best-in-class technology with our fully dedicated service team led by insurance accounting experts that are focused on your unique requirements.

Get in touch today to learn more about how our Investment Accounting and Analytics Services can help you to make faster, more insightful decisions.



Insurance Insights & Research

As insurance companies invest in more complex assets, they can benefit from upgraded technology capabilities.

2020 is a pivotal year for asset management firms as they set their goals for future success. In order to meet the demands that they face, forward-thinking asset managers must develop clear strategic priorities that include cost containment, distribution growth, efficient operating models, and a focus on technology and data.



Christopher Dvorak

Christopher Dvorak

Head of Insurance Solutions
As the Head of Insurance Solutions, Chris leads all aspects of Northern Trust’s relationships with insurance companies, including their insurance asset bases, as well as their defined benefit and defined contribution plans.