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Northern Trust Securities, Inc.

Complement Your Plan with Brokerage Services.

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Manage your accounts - and get answers when you need them - on your terms with Private Passport.
    Mitchell B. Thornton

    Mitchell B. Thornton

    Brokerage Practice Lead
    Mitchell is responsible for the strategic vision and implementation of the brokerage platform for Northern Trust’s Wealth Management business. He is an active member of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA).

    Through an account with our brokerage affiliate, Northern Trust Securities, Inc., you can invest with as little or as much help from us as you need. Whether you want complex advice, resources to help make your own decisions, or trade execution, we can tailor our services to meet your goals and complement your broader wealth plan.


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    Advance Your Plan With The Right Solutions

    Work with a team that understands your needs

    As part of a business unit focused solely on private wealth management, our brokerage team is uniquely positioned to tailor its advice and service to meet your goals.

    Access a full range of investment products and services

    Northern Trust Securities, Inc. provides a full array of solutions that reflect our firm’s focus on meeting the unique needs of affluent clients. This includes everything from complex hedging strategies to more basic needs, such as college savings vehicles. It also includes full integration with the broader expertise and services of our wealth management business.

    Experience excellent service

    We relentlessly strive to provide exceptional service to our clients. This commitment is ingrained in our culture and instrumental to our success.


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