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Real Estate and Agricultural Services

The Northern Trust Institute
Explore wealth strategies that are informed by research, grounded in real-world outcomes and tailored to you.

    Maximize the financial benefits of your most complex investments

    Real estate properties can be among your most valuable investments, but managing them is complex, time-consuming and requires specialized expertise. Whether your property is residential, commercial, farmland or timber, our experts can oversee local property managers, make leasing and capital improvement decisions and review financial performance for you, while also helping you strategically realize long-term financial benefits.

    The risk profiles of property types and locations are shifting. Work with your advisors to identify and prepare for these changes.

    Landlords have found themselves in uncharted territory but are finding ways to proactively prepare and respond.


    Be confident you are maximizing these assets’ benefits and returns. Our real estate and agricultural experts can provide strategic advice regarding retention and monetization, while also providing oversight of these assets. We can perform the following for you:

    • Policy guideline development and strategic planning: We evaluate on an individual property basis or on a portfolio basis, by property type, location, tenants, financial performance, diversification, and capital structure, providing you with guidance and executing on those recommendations. We also can assist you in developing guidelines around real estate investment strategy, asset class and capital structures.
    • Annual asset performance review: Our experts provide recommendations to retain or sell assets. At your direction, we develop a disposition strategy and work with professionals to help you maximize sales as well as assist in executing on like kind exchanges, when appropriate.
    • Property management: We collect rents, work with professionals to negotiate leases, review financial performance and develop annual budgets, ensuring all property-related expenses are paid and more.
    • Sales and acquisition process management: Our team obtains appraisals, interviews brokers, negotiates listing agreements, selects brokers, reviews offers, negotiates terms, oversees acquisition due diligence and completes sales.
    • Capital improvements and land planning: We can oversee capital improvements of property and land planning for you, where strategically appropriate or otherwise necessary, to help add value and maximize return.


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