Planning with Purpose

Partnering on a new approach to wealth planning

Society, laws, mores and family structures have changed dramatically over the last several decades. These shifts require a new approach to planning for an effective transfer of wealth.

Informed by our vast fiduciary heritage and expertise, The Northern Trust Institute has developed a three-step process, to be conducted in collaboration with clients and their attorneys, to ensure wealth plans reflect the goals and intentions of each unique family.

Is Your Wealth Plan Driven by Purpose?

Our Process

Transfer Wealth Purposefully

Get started by requesting our workbook to develop a Statement of Intent

Case Study: How One Family Instilled Purpose in Their Wealth Plan

Learn how we helped one family design a more purposeful wealth plan by creating a Statement of Wealth Transfer Intent, using a hybrid approach with trustee responsibilities, and adding flexibility for the future with Modern Trust Provisions.

Learn How We Can Work Together

Through a collaborative process with clients and attorneys, we help you achieve the vision for your wealth, as intended.