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Broadening the Opportunity

Northern Trust is committed to supporting those who have been marginalized with more opportunities to achieve long-term financial success.


More Equitable Beginnings

Studies show that when essential human needs are met, benchmarks of long-term financial success—career opportunities, savings and home ownership—rise substantially, and paths to improved opportunity become more accessible. In support of those paths, Northern Trust is deploying a long-term community investment strategy designed to drive individual advancement and broader wealth creation. We are focusing our resources, capabilities and business expertise on four key areas of fundamental impact that—when strengthened from the start—enrich our communities and the lives of everyone in them.

Explore our 2023 Philanthropic Impact Report to learn how we’re supporting our communities.


Food Security

Ensuring reliable, everyday access to nutritious meals strengthens concentration, the ability to fully participate in school and patterns that sustain long-term physical health.

“With every healthy meal and snack you provide for kids in your community, you’re not just nourishing them today; you are shaping their habits and their tastes for the rest of their lives.”

— Michelle Obama
Let's Move! Cities, Towns and Counties Event, 9/16/15


How We’re Taking Action

Community engagement is an important part of Northern Trust’s culture. Our employees care about their local communities and understand they have a role to play in making them stronger for everyone.

Supporting philanthropic efforts is deeply rooted in Northern Trust’s heritage. In the last decade alone, Northern Trust has contributed more than $160 million to support nonprofit and non-governmental organizations around the world.

Corporate Sustainability in Action

Corporate Sustainability, Inclusion and Social Impact are essential elements of our mission and culture.

View the Corporate Sustainability Report

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