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Corporate Social Responsibility

Driving a culture of inclusion and innovation.
Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are essential elements of our mission and culture. Driven by our strategic focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, community engagement and environmental sustainability, we strive to be socially accountable – to ourselves, our stakeholders and the public.
We believe in using our influence to bring about change.
Our CSR principles provide guidance for our corporate responsibility efforts.
Learn about the guidelines for grants from the Chicago-based Charitable Trust.
Ethics are the foundation for all our relationships.
Providing guidance on the corporation’s public policy positions and employee political contributions.
Our yearly greenhouse gas emissions calculations quantify our commitment to the environment. Northern Trust calculates and discloses its greenhouse gas emissions yearly.
We are working to effect change up and down the supply chain.
Northern Trust is committed to onboarding vendors that bring diversity in thinking, skill sets and approaches.
Explore the progress we have made on our CSR goals in our current and past annual reports.
We support publishing gender pay gaps and are continually working to close our own.
Discover our work to prevent Modern Slavery in our business and our supply chain.