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Accessible Healthcare

Healthcare is a basic need—for mind and body—and we work with organizations that provide support for the whole person.

Providing high-quality, affordable medical, dental and behavioral healthcare to support healthier people, families and communities, Erie Family Health Centers serves more than 89,000 people regardless of their insurance status, immigration status or ability to pay. Funding from Northern Trust specifically helped Erie support young people ages 16-24 by increasing access to medical and behavioral health services, health education and insurance navigation at Erie Teen Center and three school-based health centers on Chicago’s West Side.

“There was a 17-year-old patient who started seeing us for therapy services due to depression, loss of interest and general changes in mood for the past six to eight months, per her mother’s reports,” an Erie Family Health Center employee said. “She engaged with us for treatment for about six sessions. After learning some coping skills and maintaining healthy routines, she was recently discharged, saying ‘I’m back to playing basketball and talking to my friends like I used to do’—which has been really nice.” 

Ireland’s national charity dedicated to enabling people who are vision impaired, and families of children with autism, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind has worked for 40 years to offer clients as much mobility and independence as possible. In 2023, Northern Trust funded the first year of puppy training for a dog named Vinny, who will be matched with a client this year. Employees also held engagement events to help raise additional funds for Vinny’s care.

“I was blessed with a fabulous addition to my family—my guide dog, Jonah, from the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind,” said Suzy, an Irish Guide Dog client. “He transformed my life, giving me confidence to go almost anywhere and ensuring I can continue to live as independent a life as possible. Recently, we went on our first flight together! Jonah made the trip so easy. He really has changed my life’s possibilities."

CURE India has been working for more than 14 years to provide free treatment for clubfoot, caring for more than 100,000 children born with clubfoot in India. This deformity, if not treated, becomes a permanent disability. CURE India has the world's largest clubfoot treatment program.

Braces, created in-house by persons with disabilities, are given out during free weekly clinics, ensuring that the entire program model is inclusive and based on providing equal opportunities.

Northern Trust supported the addition of a new building to alleviate crowding and to provide private spaces for personal conversations and nursing.

“As a woman, working as counsellor at Cure India Clinic, I witness daily the emotional challenges faced by parents, particularly mothers’ journeys,” said Dhanyakumari, a CURE India Counsellor. “They struggle to find place for breastfeeding. Moreover, it is a harsh reality that there is not any clean toilet for them, so they wait for many hours until they leave the hospital premises. I believe in the transformative power of personal spaces for confidential conversations and emotional release. This new space fosters a sense of comfort and support. Thanks to Northern Trust for the great support.”