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Only 52 percent* of the worldwide population receives a secondary education. We support organizations that work to keep students—especially those from disadvantaged or untraditional backgrounds—attending classes and engaging with their schoolwork.


No one goes it alone at Posse Foundation—U.S.

“You have to take advantage of every opportunity you get,” Gráinne McDonagh says of her academic focus, noting that Posse—an organization that identifies diverse groups of public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential who may be overlooked by traditional colleges—has been an important source of motivation and drive. “Without Posse, I might feel like an imposter—but with Posse, I feel so deserving.” Their method of providing these students with peer groups has been so successful that it boasts a 90 percent post-secondary graduation rate.

Northern Trust’s David Malcolm, a Posse board member, knows that many teenagers like McDonagh have strong potential, but don’t receive the opportunities that support them to excel.

“Posse creates environments that give students confidence and support," he says. "I feel strongly that part of our population will inherently never have the opportunity to attend college due to circumstances beyond their control, regardless of their abilities or their performance in school. Posse endeavors to help adress this problem."

“With Northern Trust’s support, we’ve been able to build on the successes of our own digital inclusion programme, Connecting Communities, which we launched during the pandemic in recognition of the extreme disadvantage faced by those without stable internet access and a suitable device on which to access it,” said East End Community Foundation Executive Director Tracey Walsh.

The East End, a diverse area of London, is also home to great economic inequality. Many households are without internet, creating a barrier to accessing education, employment and other vital services. Connecting Communities provided 450 low-income families with primary school-aged children with a laptop, 12 months’ fiber broadband and tailored IT and online safety training, making remote learning and employment applications possible.

Providing vocational and professional training to disabled Armed Forces personnel, past and present, Queen Mary’s Technical Institute focuses on helping them hone their skills and equipping them for post-retirement rehabilitation in the contemporary job environment. Participants learn management, computer skills and three technical trades through six-month courses. With support from Northern Trust, the institute modernized and upgraded its electrician workshops, classrooms and training labs. Currently, 157 disabled soldiers and 120 current Army personnel are receiving training, and the improvements will benefit trainees for years to come.

A national charity working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote communities across Australia, the Indigenous Literary Foundation is a community-led organization that provides relevant books, resources and programs on request to help communities create and publish their stories in languages of their choice.

Recognizing the importance of diversity and authenticity, Northern Trust provided more than 500 culturally appropriate books in recipients’ original languages.