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Benefit Payment Services

A complete solution that combines expertise, efficiency and innovation.

You need a flexible system and dedicated servicing from an experienced leader. Your beneficiaries want the security of knowing they will receive their payments.

Northern Trust's Benefit Payment Services offers exceptional support for both US and Canadian plans. With years of experience issuing payments for pension, savings, and non-qualified plans, as well as issuing the associated tax forms, Northern Trust offers the expertise you need.


Our Advantages

  • Flexibility to issue payments on any business day
  • 24-hour expected turnaround for payment direction
  • Comprehensive online inquiry and update capabilities
  • Continual system updates in response to regulatory changes
  • Data protection through comprehensive security measures
  • A well-defined transition process that enables an efficient transfer of payments
  • Professional benefit payment specialists to address all aspects of your benefit payment needs


Solutions in Motion

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