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With Northern Trust Securities LLP clients can take advantage of our customised trading programmes focused on optimising execution quality and minimising trading costs. By using our trading professionals experienced in major global markets and currencies, you gain the benefits of a flexible trading platform sponsored by a strong, stable counterparty.


Clients choose Northern Trust as a trading counterparty to obtain quality execution from one of the industry’s most service-focused cultures providing:

  • Execution – Access major global markets and local currencies for securities across multiple asset classes. We offer competitive rates and provide you with full transparency, including independent third-party trade cost analysis from Bloomberg in order that you can see execution quality relative to the market.
  • Liquidity: Gain access to liquidity sourced in more than 35 exchanges, electronic communication networks, automated trading systems and dark-market venues.
  • Consulting: Receive expert advice and consulting from our service team, helping you select and refine your trading approach.
  • Automation: Support straight-through processing trade flows through connectivity with all FIX-compatible order management systems and automate post-execution trade processing using Omego tools for allocation and account opening.

Clients benefit from our:

  • Anti-gaming logic that prevents the market from detecting client orders;
  • An agency trading model that serves the best interests of our clients; and
  • Streamlined trading process to ensure quality coverage.


Northern Trust has institutional brokerage offices in Chicago, New York, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

Northern Trust and its subsidiaries operate in 19 U.S. states and 20 countries throughout North America; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Asia Pacific.


For more information about Northern Trust’s Trade Execution services speak with your Northern Trust representative or contact Guy Gibson.

<a name="guy">&nbsp;</a>Guy Gibson

 Guy Gibson

Head of Institutional Brokerage, EMEA and APAC, Northern Trust Capital Markets
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<a name="guy">&nbsp;</a>Guy Gibson

 Guy Gibson

Head of Institutional Brokerage, EMEA and APAC, Northern Trust Capital Markets

Guy co-founded the institutional equity brokerage Aviate Global LLP (which was acquired by Northern Trust in 2016) in 2007.

A member of Northern Trust Securities’ senior leadership team, Guy is responsible principally for trading and distribution. He manages Northern Trust Securities’ sales, trading and operations teams in London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Prior to founding Aviate, he worked at Credit Suisse, Salomon Brothers and Citi Group. Guy has a degree in International Business Management and Finance from Massey University in New Zealand.

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