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Quality Education

Access to quality education level the playing field, whether the need is supplies, support or mentorship, we work to increase opportunities to feed the mind.

Seva Sahayog Foundation aims to engage socially conscious individuals, groups and corporations with volunteer opportunities that match their interests. Seva Sahayog acts as a bridge between the two, and matches them to interventions that are close to their heart.

Volunteers from Northern Trust engaged in diverse activities, such as school kit assembly, home visits and more. Their contributions spanned across education, livelihood, scholarships, special children's projects and awareness campaigns. Additionally, through pro-bono work they played a crucial role in resolving technical challenges faced by volunteers who use their expertise to offer constructive solutions.

“Our favorite takeaway from working with Seva Sahayog has been the organization’s promotion of education and social awareness,” employees from the Northern Trust Pune office said, “and how they provide a platform for us to contribute to their work through volunteering.” 

iMentor helps make success possible for first-generation college students. By facilitating mentoring relationships, they bridge the gap in public high schools to ensure students receive the personalized support and resources they need for a successful college experience. Northern Trust supports this work by funding the mentorship program at five Chicago Public School high schools on the South and West sides, and through service, with 22 employees volunteering as mentors. These volunteer mentors make a four-year commitment to support their mentee through junior and senior year of high school and two years of college. Pairs build their relationship through weekly, curriculum-driven online communication, as well as monthly in-person events.

“iMentor has had a huge impact on my senior year and high school experience,” said an iMentor alum. “It has provided me with a mentor who has helped me stay focused and motivated throughout the year. My mentor has also helped me to develop important skills such as time management, goal setting and communication. I have been able to learn more about college and career options, which has been invaluable in helping me to make decisions about my future.” 

Aiming to give all Irish children equal access to a successful future, Basis Point funds programs with 10 educational partners across the complete educational lifecycle, including early intervention, primary literacy and numeracy support, transitioning to secondary school, extra-curricular transferable skills, exam support as well as encouragement and access to further education. They work to break the cycle of poverty through education, a key to improving health, nutrition and opportunities for all children. In 2023, with funding from Northern Trust, they were able to support nearly 10,000 children and young adults in their education.

“It's more like you are paving your own path into the future, doing what you want to do in your own life,” said Daniel, a Basis Point alum. “They actually help you there to achieve your dreams.”